The idea of starting Assorted Platter on Facebook was quite random. I had no clue it will reach to where it is today! Initially, I would simply post the pictures of the dishes which I would cook at home.    I started getting good reviews and ideas to expand.  

I organized a food contest. It was very well appreciated and everyone loved it! Since then, I have been organizing the competition on various platforms. 

In most cases, women are taken for granted as they cook on a daily basis for their family and their efforts are barely recognized. But at ASSORTED PLATTER, they get the freedom to express and showcase their talent.

"Eating is a Necessity,
but Cooking is an Art"


Food is something that can bring people together! All of us can relate to cooking as it is such a universal thing.

Through ASSORTED PLATTER, our vision is to bring people with different culinary skills together.

It is a platform where you can showcase your cooking skills, explore, learn and in the meantime, make lots of memories!


ASSORTED PLATTER aims to provide a platform where, a large number of home cooks, bakers and all those food lovers can come together to bring out the best traditional and authentic recipes.

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Nidhi Y. Bhati